AQUAZA Cutie Collection, Shelby the Blue Eyed Sheep


  • 9” soft cuddly body with plastic head showcasing the traditional Cabbage Patch Kid look
  • Includes thumb sucking feature
  • So many different styles to find!
  • All numbered and named for collectability!
  • Incredible Signature Cabbage Patch Fresh Baby Scent!


Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties Collection – The 9” Cabbage Patch Farm Friend Cuties need your love and care! Inspired by the sweet and adorable animals running around on the farm, these soft and cuddly Cuties love to suck their thumb and feature a snuggly onesie with adjustable hood, ready for adventure. Also each 9” Cutie is named and numbered for collectability. Take the Oath of Adoption today and become a part of the Cabbage Patch Kids family!


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