Backyard X-Scapes Black Rolled Bamboo Fence 1in D x 4ft H x 8ft L


  • Natural Rolled Tonkin Bamboo Black Fencing Panel. 1″D x 4’T x 8’W. Commercial Quality for Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Characteristics: earth tone varied colors. Fire straitened poles  exceptional strong with a tensile strength of Steel and the compression strength of cement.
  • Ease of installation and fitting: flexible for curved surfaces. Can be cut to length.
  • Usage: perfect eco-minded alternative to other wood products. Commercial and residential interior or exterior environments.
  • Durability: UV and weather resistant, five rows of heavy gauge galvanized Steel wire run Horizontally for added structural integrity.


Bamboo is subject to cracking and splitting just like any other wood product. Bamboo can develop cracks in transit due to changes in weather and climate. Some poles have pre-drilled holes to prevent cracking. This does not affect the integrity of the bamboo.


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