Creolin Deodorizing Multi-Purpose Cleanser, 1 Gallon


  • DEODORIZING CLEANSER: This concentrated coal tar-based cleanser is great for use in kennels, bathrooms, cellars & for general household use. Creolin kills tough odors on most environmental surfaces.
  • VERSATILE & POWERFUL: This deodorant cleanser can kill bacteria, mites, & insects. 3 tablespoons full make a quart of solution. Use it on animal quarters, garages, basements & much more!
  • OUR FAMILY OF PRODUCTS: We carry a wide array of medicines & hair & skincare products, from lotions & hair treatments to laxatives, liniments, ointments, cough suppressants, nasal sprays & more!
  • TRADITIONAL TREATMENTS: Many people have reported great benefits from alternative & traditional remedies & treatments. We make these hard-to-find medicines widely available & more affordable for you.
  • OAKHURST REMEDIES: Spanning over 4 generations, we offer many old-time remedies & medicines, some of them originating as early as 1841. We spend time & effort to ensure the quality you expect.


Spanning over 4 generations, Oakhurst offers many old-time, hard-to-find remedies, over the counter pharmaceuticals, and health and beauty products – some of them originating as early as 1841.


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