GHE Vitality Sensitive Ripen 5l


Country of Origin: France 輸第 No. 11680
NPK = 0.6 – 5.0 – 4.0
The pens are the mature period of your plants need phosphorus, potassium, minerals various and stabilize the pH buffer by organic ingredients including vegetative growth promoting agents.
Grown in hydroponic water all of agar (suretgrow/Rock Wool/hydration/Ball kokoyasi fiber) and even grown in soil hydroponic use.
The Last 10 days before harvest to give the Miracle-Gro formula stimulates the metabolism of the plant, botanical leaves the body in nutrients (nitrates, trace, etc.) and will not waste discharge. The The result, facilitate the assimilation of the minerals and increases protein and sugar content, improve the flavor of your harvest objects by increasing amount of harvest.

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