IRRIGATION-MART Garden Kit A-BV 1000ft 10 Rows Vegetables


  • 1000 ft of thin-wall 12″ spacing drip tape (reusable)
  • 10 row valve fittings (on/off)
  • 100 ft of 1/2 inch poly header line
  • Includes fittings to connect ot a standard garden hose or faucet and a filter and pressure regulator
  • Kit is expandable with more row fittings, drip tape or add a timer and fertilizer injector


Irrigation-Mart Kit A-BV is our original Garden Drip Irrigation Kit with 100ft of a 1/2″ supply header, 10 row valves, 1000ft or thin-wall drip tape 12″ spacing emitters pre-installed, filter, pressure regulator, and fittings to plumb/hook-up to a regular garden hose or faucet. These can be added on for future expansion as well as re-used for multiple seasons. The 12″ spacing drip tape provides a good wetted irrigation pattern down the row for most all vegetable and orchard plants concentrating the water and nutrients in the root zone area for one of the most efficient and uniform irrigation systems available. Other items such as timers and fertilizer injectors can and should be use to compliment these drip irrigation kits for watering vegetables or other garden or orchard plantings..


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