KEXMY 2KG Quality Non Chlorine Shock Spas Hot Tubs Pool FOR CHLORINE AND BROMINE USERS


  • Ideal for regular Shock Treatment (oxidisation) of Spa or Pool Water
  • Chlorine FREE… so it is suitable for Spa’s running on Chlorine or Bromine.
  • Top quality branded product from Castle Hot Tubs.


Non chlorine shock can be used to shock dose (oxidisation) your spa or pool weekly. Add to destroy odours and waste matter including perspiration,cosmetics and body oils,restoring sparkle and insuring bather comfort. It is fast acting and has minimal effect on Chlorine levels. Suitable for spas and pools that are running on Bromine or Chlorine. All goods are manufactured by CPC Brands, Blue Horizons or Aquasparkle and sold by Castle Hot Tubs. FAQ’s regarding this product….,How long until my hot tub can be used after applying this product ? – usually you should not use your spa for about 6 hours after shock dosing. Will this product affect my chlorine/bromine level ? – No,however if you test your spa directly after dosing,an irregular result may be given. Will this work in my pool ? – Yes,however the shock will need to be dissolved in a bucket before being dosed into the pool. My Pool/Spa is Green/Cloudy,Will these sachets clear the water ? – Yes,This shock is designed for water recovery but if the water is extremely dirty,a water change may be required. Please note. Non chlorine shock is very dense, the pots we use are a standard size and are used for many other 1kg products, pots may therefore appear only half full.


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