KEXMY AquaSPArkle Spa pH Minus – 1.5kg


  • pH reducer for spas and hot tubs
  • Reliable chemical brand name
  • Easy to use


AquaSPArkle pH Minus is a granular product used to adjust water pH and TA downwards. AquaSPArkle Spa pH Minus should be pre-dissolved in a small plastic container filled with spa water. Add 10g (or approximately 2 teaspoons) of granular product to 1 litre of warm spa water and carefully add the resulting solution to the spa whilst the pumps are turned ‘on’. Re-check after 30 minutes and repeat as necessary. Compatible with all spa sanitizers. NB If you are unable to maintain an appropriate pH level in your tub the most likely cause is that the the Total Alkalinity is too low. Always correct the Total Alkalinity balance before you attempt to balance the pH.


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