KEXMY Greenhouse Bolts And Rings – Pack 24


  • A 7/16″ (1cm) long cropped head bolt and nut with a galvanised ring fastened through the end of the bolt to form a strong tying point.
  • The cropped head bolt slots easily into glazing bars in an aluminium greenhouse and is simply ‘twisted’ to lock into place.
  • Combine Bolts & Rings with S Hooks (available to purchase separately) to form a good hanging point.


KEXMY Cropped Head Aluminium Nut, Bolt and Stainless Steel Rings (Eyes) Locks solidly into greenhouse glazing bars
and provides a solid anchor point for attaching training wires, twine or grow lamps etc.
These are by far the finest cropped ring sets we have ever found. M6 x 11mm with 10mm size nuthead.
The cropped bolts are genuine Elite Greenhouse bolts which are high tensile
and have been scientifically tested to be 2 1/2 times stronger than standard aluminium bolts.
The rings are 16mm diameter Stainless Steel which will not react with the bolts over time and rust,
(chrome plated or galvanised steel rings are prone to galvanic corrosion when used with aluminium bolts and should be avoided).
Please note that although these are the strongest cropped rings available they are not designed to hold hanging baskets or any other heavy item,
they are a small aluminium bolt with a small split ring and their strength must not be overestimated.


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