Mosquito Trap – Fly Catcher – Mosquito Killer Lamp – Blue Light Insect Trap with 12 Sticky Glue Boards


  • 360 Strong inhaler: We equip the 360 degrees strong airflow and lure light in the mosquito killer lamp to catch mosquitoes and insects into the cage inside. They will be dried to die and dropped into the adhesive sticky pads. The result will come after a few days you use this fruit fly killer.
  • Portable mosquito trap indoor: This fruit fly trap is so convenient to use with a cable allowing you to connect with the corresponding port from a laptop, computer, car, power bank. The fruit fly trap is truly easy to plug in any place in your house.
  • Safe & friendly fly trap: The indoor fly trap physically kill mosquito and insects by powerful fan and attractant light bulbs without chemical or toxic material. The insects will be inhaled into the insect trap and dried within few days of arresting or adhesive into the sticky boards.
  • Wide application area: The fly mosquito killer can be placed in house rooms such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or office because of the wide coverage. The soft light of this gnat killer indoor makes you relax and fall asleep easily so it would be considered as a night lamp.
  • Perfect service: Best service for customers is our best goal, we are pleased to receive any feedback or questions from you about this insect killer or your shopping experience. Please contact us whenever you want and you will be served by our service members instantly.


How to use:
The mosquito trap can be active by the electricity from the electrical power directly. Please connect the cable with the power then press the ON button on the top of the indoor bug trap. The bug killer will start immediately.
Power connector: Cable fit with computer, power bank.
Tips for best capture results:
– Start the device for 2-3 hours before sleeping to prevent mosquito bites.
– Do not place the device close to humans too much because the insects may attack you instead of being lured by the trap.
– The mosquito killer should be put in a dark place for maximum capture.
– The height of the mosquito trap should be 1 meter above the floors.
– Use the trap for catching gnats, mosquitoes, and fruit flies. Set up the insect trapper close to areas where insects mostly fly around such as fruits, plants, or trash bins).
– To clean and maintenance: After 1 or 2 days of use, twist the bottom and remove the mosquito sticky board easily and replace a new one.
– Do not touch the electric bug killer when running
– Keep the mosquito killer in a dry place all time.
– Keep the electric mosquito trap away from children


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