KEXMY Mosquito Trap – Fly Catcher- Mosquito Killer Lamp – Mosquito Repellent Lamp -Electric Fly Swatter – Fruit Flies Insect Killer- Blue Light Insect Trap – Bug Killer with 12 Sticky Glue Boards


About the product: The photocatalytic inhalation flying insect killer is a mosquito trap device using light, and wind technology. With a small amount of carbon dioxide. And water, and then touch coal with light, equivalent to human respiration; light touch coal can also purify the air.

The biggest feature is:

– Bloodsucking can be kept in the same space

– It effectively interrupts the mosquito population in the larger area and the surrounding area

– Colonization to kill mosquitoes in groups

Features: Surrounding type light wave catalytic purple light

The strong suction power of the whirlpool airflow can kill mosquitoes more effectively

Anti-escape mosquito storage

Built-in IMITATE system to simulate body temperature to attract mosquitoes

Comfortable and quiet operation (low decibel silent operation, less than 25dB)

Steps to use: Place the sticky pad on the bottom of the trap that acts as a collection tray to hold dead insects and it makes the cleaning easier. First, take off the mosquito trap’s top lid and then remove the protective layer and place one glue pad on the bottom of the mosquito trap. Take out the board if it is fully covered with bugs and replace it with a new one.

Turn on the fly lamp killer in advance (at least 3 hours)

Better to use in an unmanned environment Check the mosquito storage box at least 24 hours, the mosquitoes die by dehydration and air drying, and they will escape when they are opened frequently

For daytime use, please close the doors and windows and draw the curtains. Keep the environment as dark as possible. Use it at a distance of one meter from the ground. Do not put it in the outlet of the air conditioner or fan. Try to ensure that the insect lamp is the only light source.



πŸ’Ž Effective and upgraded: The fly mosquito killer uses the blue light to draw in more bugs, flies, mosquitoes, and other irritating insects and then reject them abruptly by photocatalytic inhalation. Dead insects can be gathered on the tray on the bottom of the gnat killer.

πŸ’Ž Fully safe for human and pets: The fruit fly killer can apply for both indoor and outdoor, the cover regions are exceptionally enormous. The mosquito trap is totally safe for the health of all your family members, pets and even pregnant women because of non-toxic material design.

πŸ’Ž Intelligent design and elegant model: Designed with 12 sticky glue boards, the advanced fly killer draws in more mosquitoes and insects and the bug killer is simple to tidy up after using. The insect trap also has a beautiful and amazing appearance that can be used as a nightlight in your home.

πŸ’Ž Wide application: The bug trap can be applied for some spaces in your home to protect your family and bring a free-mosquitoes environment.

πŸ’Ž Easy to use: The fly trap is very convenient to use with USB controlled. Moreover, this electric insect trap works without noise, not disturb your dream in any case.


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