Bug Zapper 2 Packs – Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp – Eliminates Flying Pests Indoor with Night Light


– Nontoxic and Harmless: Killed pests and gnats with no chemicals, fume, or spray, safe to usage in every indoor location with a significant flying pest infestation problem. The active coverage zone is about 180 sq. ft.

– Insect Control: LED ultraviolet bulbs emit ultraviolet rays to draw in mosquitoes to fly into the mosquito killer, electrocuted by the high-voltage grid. Simple and effective. Please remember to mean off other lights, the insect lamp can work without noise!

– Easy Operate and Clean: Plug into the socket and switch it on. Easy and safe for operating. Keep dead insects collected inside the unit, which could then be easily removed.

– Efficient Protection: It won‘t take up lots of outer space, ideal for homes, offices, kitchens, restaurants, schools, warehouses, and retail stores. Our products will defend and stop annoying and disease-carrying flies and insects! Not suitable for outdoor use.




1. No toxins and harmful elements, environment friendly and safe.

2. Soft light and no dazzling.

3. Powerful Electronic Grid That Instantly Zaps Approaching Flies. Cage Wiring to Prevent Accidental Contact by Humans or Pets

4. Can Be Removed, Easy to clean Dead Insect Collection Tray.

5. Easy to hold, it‘s compact and doesn’t take up an excessive amount of space.


1. Don‘t touch the electrical wed with your hand or electricity-conducting materials. this might cause electrocution.

2. The insect killer must be placed a minimum of one meter aloof from combustible substances like gas and petroleum.

3. Don’t clean this product with water spray or other liquids.

4. For max performance, place the bug zapper in a dark or dimly lit area.

5. Keep the bug zapper far away from children.


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