ProTuff 17″ Pool Silt Net – Unlimited Free Replacement Guarantee – Heavy Duty Fine Mesh Silt & Sand Swimming Pool Skimmer Cleans 3X Faster Than Vacuum – 18 inch Leaf Rake Bag for Pollen, Gnats


100% “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” LIFETIME GUARANTEE – If any portion of this heavy duty pool skimmer net ever breaks, fails or tears, simply contact us for FREE replacement parts or a complete replacement of the entire pool rake as per manufacturer’s lifetime product warranty (Commercial users: Lifetime 50% Off Replacements). SUPER STRONG 18″ ALUMINUM ALLOY FRAME won’t bend, twist or break under load. Tightly secured within “winged” handle for additional stability. Our swimming pool leaf catcher handle easily connects to a standard size telescoping pool pole with built-in quick connect clip. Keep your swimming pool cleaner with ProTuff swimming pool cleaning tools. DEEP, DURABLE, ABRASION RESISTANT, DOUBLE-STITCHED NYLON POOL BAG is stronger and more abrasion resistant than double layer polypropylene silt netting offered by other companies. Tapered for easy maneuverability. This leaf skimmer net resists mold and mildew well, maintains it’s integrity and handles big swimming pool cleaning with ease. Fine mesh size will filter out silt, sand and very small particles as well as any larger debris. LONG LASTING, HEAVY DUTY, SUPERIOR QUALITY, PLASTIC RIM is safe for all types of pools and will guard against marring or scratching of premium pool surfaces. “Easy Glide” Scoop front for quick & easy leaf pickup from pool bottom. Straight sides with slight angle for easy cleaning of pool sides, whether round or rectangle shaped pools. Swimming pool maintenance for 24, 27, 30 ft or any other size pool has never been easier. SEE THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION AREA BELOW for important info to help you decide if ProTuff pool cleaning tools and equipment are right for you. Also, see our Verified Purchase reviews to see what ACTUAL customers are saying. Always look for “Verified Purchase” on an Amazon review to verify its authenticity. Reviews CAN be faked.



POLE *NOT* INCLUDED BUT MOST ARE COMPATIBLEYou’ll need a pool pole with 1 1/8″ inner diameter (standard size) & holes to attach via butterfly/v-clip (also pretty standard)MEDIUM DRAG FINE MESH POOL BAG MAKES THE JOB FAST & EASYOur fine mesh swimming pool debris catcher grabs tiny particles & insects from the swimming pool bottom & surface, but the tight weave will “push” the water, meaning more muscle strain for you AND more difficulty catching large debris like leaves. Using our medium mesh net first to grab everything except silt & sand results in less physical strain for you & less stress on your silt rake.STURDY FINE MESH POOL NET RESISTS TEARINGAlthough not as strong as our heavy duty black nylon leaf net, it is designed to resist tearing as much as possible. It is still recommended to use our medium mesh nylon pool rake first, then follow with the silt rake.ROCK SOLID ALUMINUM ALLOY FRAME & PROTECTIVE PLASTIC COATINGAn aluminum frame pool leaf catcher is slightly heavier than plastic, but handles more weight. So, you empty the net less frequently, meaning less time using pool cleaning equipment. It costs more, but you get what you pay for.STRAIGHT EDGES SAFELY SCRAPE POOL SIDES & BOTTOMCurved sides won’t scrape debris from the pool-side very well. Straight sides ride flush against the pool-side to remove stuck on leaves.AVERAGE “MOUTH” SIZE GRABS PLENTY OF DEBRIS BUT WON’T BREAK YOUR BACKNarrow mouth frames cover less area. Wider mouths collect more debris, but are heavier to lift from the pool. Use a 24″ if you’re strong, have a large pool & want to finish the job in a hurry. Use a 14″, 16″ if you have a really small pool. 18″ or 20″ is a happy medium.Buy Now & NEVER Buy Another Pool Rake – We Guarantee It!


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