Rat Repellent – Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with 4 Working Modes – Effective Pest Reject Drive Away Mice, Rats, Spiders, Cockroaches, and Rodents


  • New advanced technology: This ultrasonic mouse repeller brings a new version of the pest repellent that includes a speaker and transducer. Speaker allows emitting ultrasonic sound above human hearing and transducer radiates high-pressure waves to repel rats and squirrels effectively.
  • Adjustable four function modes: The mosquito repellent indoor operates with 4 function working modes: ” test, ultra, trans, dou”. Each switch has a function that fits different issues. Depending on the harmful levels and insect issues, you can change the mode of the mice repellent to solve the issue effectively.
  • Easy to use and wide application: The ultrasonic mouse repellent indoor is designed in the most simple and modern that will attract you at the first sight. Simply, plug the cockroach repellent connect the power source directly and after that, it will work automatically. This can work effectively on mice, rats, spiders, squirrels, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents, and other insects.
  • Safe, humane, and durable: Comparing to different traditional mosquito repellent, pest repeller is manufactured with progressive technology. It does not use any chemicals or poisons so that it is not harmful to people and pets.
  • Excellent customer service: With the target of bringing the best service to our customers, if you feel unsatisfied with these electronic pest control, please feel free to contact us immediately.


Have you gotten any trouble with the mice rat issue?

They come and scratch or infest your furniture or other things in your home.

KEXMY is promised to be the best electronic rodent repellent product for you.

With various functions and high quality, the mice repellent plugin works excellently and leaves peace in your home.


Acoustic Pressure: 90-110 dB

Emission Angle: 360-degree

Operating Current: 500 mA

Operating Voltage: DC 9V

Application: homes, offices, restaurants, gardens, hotels, warehouses, etc

4-function switch:

TEST = test sound (Emit the sounds that rodents can hear)

ULTRA = ultrasonic sound (Repel mice effectively)

TRANS = pressure waves (Driveaway rats & squirrels effectively)

DUO = pressure waves + ultrasonic sound (Repel all pests, rodents, and insects )

Tips for use:

– Please keep the electronic mouse repellent works all the time until rodents’ activities disappear.

– Put the rat repellent ultrasonic plugin on a dry, flat surface.


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