Mosquito Trap With Tray UV Light Mosquitos Killer


The Indoor Plug-in Mosquito Trap with a UV light is the easiest and safest way to get rid of all the annoying bugs FEATURES Easy to use and wide application. Using high voltage to kill mosquitoes. Take effects on a large 500 sq.ft area. Non-toxic, safe for humans and animals. Made of eco-friendly and durable materials.

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I'm sick of tiny flies in the house and have bought several of this king of item for different rooms. This is great, can be hung using the hook on top or just placed in a window ledge. It needs plugging in so is restricted to where you can put it.

Karen Ehinger

The colour is so nice and looks beautiful when you light it up in your room! Also, the tick sound when it kills the insects isn’t too loud so if you have it on while you’re asleep, you won’t get disturbed at all! Plus it’s fairly easy to clean as well .

Mike Sendler

I had small flies everywhere. I left this on for a few days and it cleared the lot. I feel a little bad and don't leave it on all the time as it may attract wasps and bees which are essential for our survival! Works exactly as it should tho. It gives off a small buzz.

Mike Sendler

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