KEXMY 4 Packs Animal Repellent – Solar Powered Motion Lights


KEXMY animal repellent is solar-powered, no external wires or power supply are required. The animal repeller will turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn automatically. With the waterproof design, these fox deterrents for gardens are suitable for all weather conditions.
Easy to install:
Press the ON/OFF button on the back of the deer repellent for plants to start or stop it.
Please hang the predator solar lights under the sun or other places with strong light to make the animal repellent charged better.
Power supply: Solar powered.
Operating current: 8mA
Product Dimension: 3.34 x 1.19 x 3.22 inches.
Contain: 4 packs, each one containing 2 LED lights that blink at a frequency of 4Hz, a hole for hanging, and one power button.



Effective animal repeller: The nighttime animal deterrent devices have dual red LED flashing lights that scare away nighttime animals more effectively. This deer repellent control light can be used for the garden.
Energy-saving light: The deer repellent device can be directly charged by solar energy in the sun, so the LED of the night guard solar predator automatically charges, turns on at night, and off in daylight.
Safe & eco-friendly: The animal repellent for gardens can get rid of the animal intruders with the red light, chasing them away without chemical components. Therefore, our deer repellent for plants is eco-friendly and is not harmful to humans and pets. No mess, no dead animals.
Weatherproof: The waterproof design of the predator deterrent light is suitable for all weather conditions and all year-round. These lights can be placed outdoors on a tree, post, wall, or other object to deter nocturnal animals. Waterproof technology can protect the lights for chicken coops from getting wet.
Simple to use: Simply push the repellent into the ground or hang it on a wall or in any visible location to keep the dangerous animal at bay (direct sunlight is recommended).Our solar powered deer repellent is perfect for the yard, patio, driveways, garages, attics, porches, boats, gardens, farms, ponds, and other places.


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