CBROSEY Kenley Bat House – Outdoor Bat Box Shelter with Large Double Chamber – Handcrafted from Cedar Wood – Easy for Bats to Land and Roost – Weather Resistant & Ready to Install


About this item Designed for Bats – This Kenley bat house has been developed using available research on bat preferences and needs. The specially engineered interior and exterior perches make it easy for bats to land and roost. It is a large bat box with two chambers, the external dimensions are 15″x9.2″x3.2″. Naturally Weatherproof – Handcrafted from high-quality cedar wood, this Kenley bat house will keep rain and snow out, and will last years as cedar is naturally resistant to rot and decay. It’s also stained a dark color, as bats associate this with warmth (in cold climates) and privacy. Popular with Bats – When installed in bat territory, the Kenley bat shelter has an 80% chance of being occupied. This is far higher than single-room models. The Kenley bat house has a 2-room interior which forms a grooved and well-spaced inside roosting area. In addition, it has a rough platform and skerfs to make landing easy. Easy to Install – This Kenley bat house is shipped pre-assembled, which ensures a secure and dry habitat for the bats and an easy installation for you. A sturdy hanger hook lets you easily mount it on a pole, tree or wall. Mount about 12-20 feet (3.7-6.1m) high in a sheltered spot with direct sunlight to attract local bats Free Mosquito Elimination – Most bat species eat insects, often consuming their own weight in a single night. This makes them our perfect allies when dealing with mosquitoes, beetles, caterpillars and other insects which bite, sting or damage crops and garden plants. Many bat populations are at risk, so an outdoor bat house is a great alternative to the use of chemicals.



Make a place for bats Worldwide, 77 species of bats are endangered and in many countries (including the US) loss of habitat means all local bats are at risk. Installing a bat box is a great way to support these beautiful animals – and also cut down on the number of mosquitoes and flies in your area! The Kenley Bat Shelter is designed to host a small bat colony. It’s hand crafted from premium cedar wood and varnished to make it weatherproof. It can be additionally painted or sprayed to change the colour. Where to install your bat house The Kenley Bat Shelter comes with a mounting hook at the back and information about bat preferences. Bats fly to their roosts, so the house should be at least 12 feet above the ground. Choose a spot that’s sheltered from the wind yet gets direct sunlight for 4 or more hours a day. Please bear in mind that installing a bat house does not guarantee you’ll see bats. Bats are wild animals and it may take several months for local bats to discover your bat house. Never disturb roosting bats.


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