Under Hood Animal Repeller – 2 Pack Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent for Car Engine


  • Advanced control technology: This under hood pest repeller plug generates ultrasound waves and flashlights as a caution signal for rodents animals such as mice, rats, martens, rabbits, chipmunks,… to protect your vehicle from their accessing and chewing wires. The ultrasonic car repellent works effectively without doing any harm to humans and vehicles.
  • Safe and smart: The vehicle repellent has a modern black appearance and the flashlight is designed as cat eyes. The repellers can be set up under the hood or plug inside the car easily and quickly. The strobe flashlights as alert signals that threaten and deter rodents animals to run away from the vehicle. The engine repeller ultrasonic material is also chemical-free, non-toxic, and has no poison so it is safe for people and environment.
  • Saving energy plug in: The car ultrasonic repellent can be activated by the cabin vehicle power with a USB cable included or connect directly to the vehicle engine. Besides, the under hood animal repeller power source can be AA batteries in order to use in vehicles without a plug. The repellent works during the vehicle operating without vibration.
  • Multiple control applications and easy to use: It takes several steps to activate the ultrasonic repellent with 03 ways as 03 power sources, press the On button after connecting with the power to turn it on. The ultrasonic control device works excellently in keeping invading animals far away from your car engine compartment, trunk hood, passenger compartment, car hood, and it is suitable also for garage, barn, shed, warehouse, and basement.
  • Customer support services: We expect to provide the repellent product and services to resolve your pest issues with satisfaction. If you have any concerns, inquiry or issues related to the spider repellent plug in, feel free to leave a message in our inbox and you will be supported by our team.


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