Velda Aquatic Compost 10L


10 Litre Bag Promotes Strong and Healthy Plant Growth Contains Nutrients and Trace Elements Acid Free Guarantees Proper Air Circulation



The Velda Moerings Plant Soil introduces a new variety of pond plant soil that uses a unique mixture of components which guarantees optimum circulation of water, which prevents acidification and allows for fantastic plant growth.The Velda Moerings Plant Soil determines the biological balance in the pond and has been composed especially to achieve strong and healthy growth over a long period of time.The loose structure of the soil guarantees proper circulation of oxygen to your plants. Advice for use: For use with Water Lilies and most Marsh Plants a layer of at least 15cm thick should be used. To prevent water from becoming turbid it is advisable to cover the plant soil with fine-grain substrate or washed gravel.If plants are put in plastic baskets it is advisable to use a Velda Cloth Liner which prevents washing out the soil.Specifications10 Litres Soil


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