Window Bird Feeder – Clear Acrylic Outdoor Bird Feeder with Removeable Tray – Drain Holes for Rain + Comfort Rubber Perch – with 3 Strong Suction Cups


About this item HIGHER CLARITY; BETTER VIEWS – Watch your birdie visitors closer, clearer, and in greater detail! Unlike other window bird feeders for outside that soon lose their transparency, we’ve crafted ours using high-clarity acrylic that never changes color no matter the elements. HOLDS 2X AS MANY SEEDS – Refill your large bird feeder less frequently. The bird feeder tray measures 11.5” (L) x 3.8” (W) x 1.5” (H), is removable and has a divider in the middle. This means it holds more seeds, can accommodate 2 types of bird food and is a breeze to refill. EASY & SECURE INSTALLATION – Thanks to 3 (2.3”) super-strong suction cups, the PAWBEE wild bird feeder firmly attaches to most windows with ease. We’ve also included 2 bonus steel hangers that can be attached to the suction cups for even easier hanging. KEEP MOLD AT BAY – Tired of dealing with moldy birdseed? Our plastic bird feeder has holes in both the tray and feeder itself to let rainwater drain and keep birdseed dry. And caring for the outdoor stress-free; just wipe or scrub the tray to keep feathered friends happy. BUILT TO LAST – Rain, snow, or shine, the thick, heavy-duty acrylic withstands the elements. No rust. No rot. We’ve thrown in a perch cushion with every big outdoor bird feeder to create a comfy pad for birds to land on.



FEED BIRDS OUTSIDE AND WATCH’EM EAT FROM THE INSIDE Up- Close Clarity Whether you’re a passionate birdwatcher or simply fascinated by nature, the PAWBEE window bird feeder gives you the power to watch little feathered beauties closer than ever! The secret behind the up-close goodness? High-clarity acrylic that ensures great visibility from the other side of the window. Set it up at home, the office, or outside that classroom window and watch as beautiful chickadees, cardinals, bluebirds, warblers, or hummingbirds happily fill up on the tasty seed you’ve left out. On the hunt for a unique gift for any nature lover? You’ve found it! Experience the Difference Thoughtfulness in design is what separates our window bird feeder from all the rest. While others have small trays that need constant refilling, ours is 2X deeper than most. This means you can leave out to 4 cups of seeds and do more watching, less refilling. And while others soon pop out of place, we’ve fitted ours with 3 extra-strong suction cups. The only time your bird feeder will ever come off the window is when you want it to! Here are more reasons to love the PAWBEE bird feeder: It comes with a cushioned perch rest to treat birdies to a soft landing. A divider inside the tray allows you to leave out 2 types of seeds. The acrylic doesn’t change color even when exposed to constant sunlight. The feeder tray is conveniently removable for easy filling and cleaning. Made of thick, heavy-duty acrylic that withstands the elements all year. Measures 12” (L) x 5.5” (H) x 4.5” (W) to fit most windows. Drainage holes in the feeder and tray keep seeds dry and mold at bay. Bonus steel hangers come included for alternative setup options. Get your window bird feeder & watch the wild beauty


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